Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Things I Don't Get

It’s Always Something:

I need to understand why there are so many things I don’t get. For example I don’t get why Newcastle wants its own ZIP code? Of all the important things going on in the world why is that an issue? Maybe it’s just me.

Another thing I don’t get is all the hundreds of annoying little tasks a person should do every day. If you actually followed directions on stuff you’d spend all your time oiling, adjusting, resetting, dusting, watering, or otherwise messing with something. My strategy is to wait for it to go bad and then find a new model with sealed barings that don’t need oil.

Another example of stuff I don’t get is maintaining this magnificent machine of a body. If I did all the stuff they want me to I’d never have time to get sick. Maybe that’s the point. If my whole day consists of eating fiber, walking, and drinking water I’d spend whatever’s left sleeping or in the bathroom – maybe both. I couldn’t possibly get sick because I’d never have time to see another human to catch something from.

And the danged vehicle: don’t get me started. Stupid thing seems to need gas after only 300 miles or so. Just once couldn’t it wait 600 miles? That little gas pump light on the dash seems like it’s always lit. And oil, tires, plugs, wiper blades, washer fluid, gear shift knob, headlights and front bumper darn near once a month. It just goes on and on. Brake shoes seem to last forever, though.

Another thing I don’t get is how seemingly magic technology goes bad. Take batteries. I could get a boat load at Costco or I could use rechargeable ones. The problem is rechargeable batteries always need charging. And if you try to “top them off” just before you need them they go permanently bad. Not a flicker. So off to Costco I go. People fear robots will take over the world some day. If they run on batteries it won’t happen.

OK this is about my Dell keyboard missing letters. I type a paragraph and then review it and several words are missing a letter. It’s getting worse so that points to hardware. Software goes bad all at once whilst hardware seems to just deteriorate. It gets tired of producing all the letters and decides to it would be easier to do most of them. Do keyboards have batteries?

Hard to imagine an issue with a Dell but it happens. I have this pristine Gateway keyboard that came with my Gateway laptop. It never got used because the laptop has its keyboard built in. Why did they send me a spare? Another thing I don’t get. If I understood stuff like that I probably wouldn’t need to eat fiber. Anybody know of fiber that tastes good?

So here’s my challenge. I need to use this Gateway keyboard for a few days while I try to clean the Dell keyboard. As if I have time to clean keyboards.

And why is it a challenge? Because if it’s not a hardware problem it might be my fault. Heaven forbid I’d blame myself for my problems. There are lots of other people who can do that – (blame me for their problems) so I don’t need to get in THAT line.

Anyway, so far the good news is the Gateway keyboard (which I’m using right now) seems to be working fine and not dropping characters and not going “BONG” every two or three minutes.


So now I get to try it on the Internet. It’s a good thing I have spell checker or my email would be even harder to read than it is.


PS: How’s the blog working for you? So far I’m in dual mode to support the people who have very slow internets. But the blog has pictures and links now. What fun!

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