Thursday, December 27, 2007

Options for Report

Polling My Readers:

The World Wide Web or Internet as we call it has a very interesting component that I have not yet exploited. It’s called the “blog.” I read blogs because they’re interesting to me. The interest comes from the fact that I want to know what’s going on with the people who write them.

So my question to you, my reader, is whether you would like to see the Lake Boren Rapid Transit Report in a blog. And I’ll get to that question after a few more words:
First of all: once when you publish a blog it can get to more readers than the writer knows about. So people who actually live in Newcastle may read it and wonder how I could be so wrong.

My three rules are:
1. Accuracy – optional.
2. Plagiarism – I’m not above it.
3. Frequency – whenever I’m not busy with other time wasting junk.

One or two of these rules might offend some people. And I’m kind of sensitive so I’d be annoyed if I got flamed because of some fun I poke. If I publish a blog I’d need to have a small section near the top that states the rules and the essential point of the blog.

My essential point is that Newcastle is a pretend city, created secretly by Bellevue, as a buffer from Renton. And as a pretend city Newcastle has this grandiose pretend plan for a major Puget Sound Area Transit Center on the shores of Lake Boren. Lake Boren is a pretend lake that would be classified as a pond in most places. But the people who live in Newcastle probably think it’s the best lake west of the Pecos.

In fact Newcastle and Lake Boren do exist and the people who live there probably take themselves seriously. So my words might annoy them. My hope is nobody gets too annoyed. Or I might apply rule number one to them. Pusillanimous Prevaricators!

My biggest issue right now is that everyone who gets these random reports seems to enjoy them (or they are exceedingly polite) and I don’t want to take that away. If I switch to a blog format it means readers may have to go to the blog URL to read the reports.

Option: I could put up a blog but still email the text reports to you. Which would give you the option of reading the email or the blog.
Other option: Send an email to you each time I post a blog update so you can go to the URL to read it.
Other other option: Forget the whole blog thing.
The key primary advantage of a blog (at least the kind I would use) is that I could include links to pertinent web sites, photos (my own, of course), and more corroborating information. In other words I could provide more proof that I’m not making this stuff up. Well not all of it anyway.

So I’d like you to tell me what to do:

Option 1 – Blog and email you the text of each new post.

Option 2 – Blog and email just announcements of new posts.

Option 3 – Forget the whole blog thing.

Option 4 – Do whatever I feel like and let you know.

Voting will close shortly after January 2 when everyone gets back to normal. But don’t worry, I’ll probably count votes that come in after that. My main concern is that I’d really like to know what you want.

I’m not going to stop the Lake Boren Rapid Transit Report. I just want to improve the distribution. So please let me know your thoughts. Maybe there’s an Option 5 that I haven’t thought of. Really, there’s something I may not have thought of. Amazing.

Hoping to hear from you,

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